I had always hoped “Dad” would be a title that I could proudly earn someday. However, life happens and there were many days in which I wondered if this goal was ever going to come to fruition. When the storm finally subsided, there it was. The title I had hoped for had finally materialized. I was “Dad.” In that moment I thought, WOW... I have absolutely no idea how any of us are going to survive this! I can still remember leaving the hospital with my wife and newborn son for the first time as vividly as the sip of water I just took 2 seconds ago. As we made our way through the plain white hospital corridors towards our car, we were accompanied by the amazing team of nurses that made our 7 day stay in the hospital so pleasant. When we walked through the automatic glass sliding doors, I remember thinking “so, you’re really just letting me leave here with this thing? I mean we can barely keep our house plants alive…” I swear my inner 12 year old came out and was wondering how the grown ups were going to allow me to have this baby and attempt to keep it alive. Truthfully, I felt as though the hospital staff was being entirely irresponsible and quite frankly, negligent in their duties. We gave hugs, thanked them for all they had done for us in that last long week and bid them farewell. By some miracle we, like other parents figured it out. I can’t express in words how much I love being a dad. It’s an incredible gift of responsibility that fills my heart with pride, satisfaction and love. I love that I’m establishing a foundation for this little human to grow and build upon and the prospect of my son going on to do great things fills me with joy and excitement! I can’t imagine what life without him would be like now. It’s times like this that make me think back to the 2 Father’s Days that went by while we were struggling through trying to maintain a pregnancy. I tried not to think about the loss and the fact that I was robbed of the title that I wanted so badly. I truly feel for the men out there this Father’s Day that don’t want a stupid neck tie, a pair of white New Balance lawn mowing shoes, or a package of underwear. All they want is the same thing that I wanted. They want to hold their child close on this particular Sunday and cherish the moment in which they get to celebrate the fact when a little voice says “Happy Father’s Day, daddy,” they get to turn around, pick their little munchkin up and say “thank you kiddo. You are my greatest gift.” To all of the guys that take pride in being the best dads that they can be, Happy Father’s Day! To those who have struggled, lost, and are still driving towards that finish line, hang in there men, you’ve got this!

Written by Mark Morrison


Happy Father’s Day to the most dedicated husband and father! Love you guys!

Emily on Jun 25, 2020

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