So, what is this about? Excellent question!  I’ll tell you. It’s a story about our story. Our story and quite possibly, your story. The pace of life for most of us can aptly be described as “break-neck.” I’d swear it was 2019 just two weeks ago and now 2020 has the majority of us locked in our homes. My wife and I are incredibly fortunate. We haven’t lost our jobs due to any of the economic effects attributed to COVID-19 (yet). So, quarantine in our home has provided us a moment to reflect and cherish the time we have together. As a direct result of absorbing and appreciating the “family vibes,” I realized that the approaching Mother’s Day was different than the last 2 that we’d celebrated. So, this is the rundown… We essentially have a canned mother’s day package in the Morrison household:

The obligatory French Toast breakfast (mommy’s breakfast fave) 

Buffalo chicken wrap (mommy’s lunchtime fave). 

Between meals, a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos which are dunked in a glass of milk (mommy’s favorite snack which to this day despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to wrap my head around)

Dinner would generally be carnitas, ribs or surf and turf. After dinner, a card with a heartfelt love note of appreciation

But Mother’s Day 2020 was different. With the new-found time I had to be exclusively with my wife and son, I started wandering down memory lane. I found myself looking at old photos from the hospital from our week-long stay when he was born. I laughed at the paranoia that gripped us as we stared at a low-resolution baby monitor trying to ensure he was breathing but not wanting to risk waking the beast to go in and check. I watched videos that were recorded on the first several days he was walking (mainly faceplanting). All of these wonderful memories filled me with a sense of gratitude that I can’t even begin to try and articulate. This Mother’s Day would be different. I needed to convey to my wife that my life is exactly what I want it to be and I owe it to her. You see, our path to being a happy little family was rough. Brutal, in fact. Kim soldiered through 3 miscarriages on top of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The details of how all of these events affected her physically and emotionally, you’re probably all too familiar with if you’re reading this. Suffice it to say, it was a whirlwind. But, she fiercely clung to her resolve. It was because of this mama warrior spirit that we have Logan, our incredible son. This Mother’s Day was going to be different, there had to be more. Now, don’t get me wrong… She still got the “awesome mommy meal package” minus the Cheetos (They were sold out). However, I spent several days writing her a poem. It was a testament to what we had gone through and how we (she) overcame all of it. It’s written as a letter to my son about where he comes from and how the hardships faced and conquered by his mommy will make him a strong and unstoppable force because it’s in his DNA. The emotion I felt reliving many of our darkest days superseded by the pure joy I felt the moment he was born inspired me to want to make this a story that others can enjoy as well. I know that there are many of us who share this same story. I hope you come along and join us on this journey!


Written by Mark Morrison


This is incredible! What an incredible family of warriors!! I look forward to reading more of your story, standing with you and continuing to love on your family. Ps… Cheetos with milk?!!!!

Nicole doornbos on Jun 01, 2020

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